Many people who bet on sports do this because to be very honest, there is a lot of money to be...

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Not a lot of people are successful at sports betting, especially on a long term basis. The ones who do are very few and are not exactly very open with how they do it. Aside from those guys, we're left with people who are looking for a strategy with which to play, without knowing whether the said strategy would work or not. In summary, they end up as losers in the long run.

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Very many people invest their effort into finding a strategy that guarantees them a win every time they bet and there are many options online that claim to be able to supply this service. When the time to show results comes, however, a lot is left to be desired

Some other, simply look for a system that affords them a winning situation and for the most part, they are on their own. Granted, they may be on the right track, but more often than not, they end up going in the wrong direction. The simple reason behind this is that the system being used tries to ensure they win more bets, while the people using them are just trying to win more money.

No systems exist that can assure you of a win on every bet and no strategy on earth or anywhere else can afford you such outcomes. However, that can never stop the average bettor from searching for these perfect systems. They spend time searching for the impossible while missing the thing they are trying to do really.

If you were to win at least 60% of your bets and lose money, would you consider that success? I don't think so. Conversely, what if you lose 60% of all bets you make, with a profit along with a 10% return on investment? You see now that we need to be asking ourselves what really makes one a success. Is it winning many bets or winning money often?

Without mincing words, the only reason people bet on sports is to win money but while thinking or searching for a strategy, many people ignore that vital fact.

Bookmakers win your money as a result of the fact that they have honed the skill of placing themselves at a monetary advantage, more often than not. The advantage applies to either side of the bet.

With a large number of the bets like spreads and totals, the Bookmakers do their best to make a 50-50 outcome which you will bet on. Then they go on to charge you 10% for the honor of handing them your money on a platter. When it comes to money line bets, they take advantage of human nature which makes you go after the best teams, and they make you pay more for those bets, in which case you end up risking more than you will get back.

You need to understand that it is not possible for bookmakers to have a monetary advantage when it comes to every bet, but then they have a monetary advantage on their side, most of the time and that is what ensures that they stay on top.

When you are able to keep the monetary advantage on your side, it is possible to get similar results as the bookies do. Any strategy you choose to employ should always give you monetary advantage from which you can play. Any other way is just a way to lose.

Focus on discovering how to keep the monetary advantage on your side on every bet, in order to guarantee profits on a long term basis.


Many people who bet on sports do this because to be very honest, there is a lot of money to be made in a very short time period if several bets are made on winning teams. People with money to burn have made a whole lot of money just by betting heavily on a single event. Although the returns are attractive, the risk involved is rather large as well. The chances one has of winning a bet placed on a game are usually not much better than 50/50 even if you have previously conducted extensive research on the teams.

Similar to sports betting, there is another form of investment online which offers one, large returns, and just as with sports betting, has a high risk involved. I am referring to the Forex Market.


The Forex Trading market boasts of a trillion dollar turnover every day and has people making money every day for the 5 days weekly, on which the Forex market can be traded. Forex trading has to do with trading one international currency against another international currency. There is definitely a lot of potential risk for loss, but the amount of money that one stands to make from the endeavor, it's true without limits. A lot of online investors choose Forex owing to the ease of trade, even when the market isn't very free.


The fact of this matter is that the matter of whether you will place a bet on sporting events or trade in Forex is entirely up to you. But here are a few comparisons that can assist you in arriving at your choice.

1.) While sports betting usually features a 50/50 risk, with Forex, one is allowed to spread the risk out which means that you can lose some trades but still make money at the end of the day if you win the majority.

2.) While Forex trading can be done with trusted brokers under specific regulations in different countries, sports betting sites do not have a great many regulations in place and as per the fact that the regulations are usually not strict, so it is not uncommon to happen upon scammers.

3.) While engaging in sports betting, your money is always in in the hands of someone else and the choice of whether you win or lose, irrespective of how many years it's been since you started betting, lies in the game outcome. Forex, however, isn't like that and you can learn new trading strategies and even gain experience learning to follow the trends and use a Forex signal service to improve chances of success.

Betting on sports and Forex trading are both quite profitable and very risky. From the above article, you can make a decision on which type of risk you'd rather be taking. For a reliable betting site, feel free to visit